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It's our Avon Grand Opening!

Donna Gierman and Frank Farmwald are your Avon "ladies." Right now, for orders up to $40 made on our website you pay only $3 shipping, and free shipping for orders over $40. If you're local and want to order from us via telephone or email, we'll deliver your products right to your door for free. That's a neat option, because we'll also bring along free samples and new catalogs.

Father's Day is June 17th, and there are some great gift ideas in the current campaigns...

From recent personal experience, I can tell you that the MeetMark products are adorable and functional and fun and Derek Jeter's "Driven" fragrance for men products smell divine. I've also been really pleased with the Anew Triple Lifting Night Cream (I'm seeing a difference after only a week and a half) and my Mom's so happy with her weird little bright green beach shoes. She's also especially fond of the Dramatic Firming Cream . I've also been using the Personal Match Mineral Veil foundation, and it's fabulous. Not only is it a wonderful summer foundation (light-weight!), but it's about $40 cheaper than the competitors' brands you've probably seen on TV.

There are terrific deals on summer fashions and always, always super sales from campaign to campaign. Know that if you order something from our website and I can find it cheaper from another campaign or in the Outlet catalogs, you'll get it at the lowest price possible.

Also keep an eye out for free offers! Avon's always giving away something...MeetMark Hook-Up Connectors free with purchase, and you can save up to $89 if you take advantage of the Anew bundles deals. In the current campaign, there are lip balms for .79 and deodorant for .99!


Website: www.youravon.com/ffarmwald
Call: 816-569-5947
Email: waldgieravon@gmail.com


If you're interested in becoming a Representative yourself, here are some facts:

-It's only $10 to join. Included in your membership package are a Representative tote bag, CD's on the Avon experience, a couple of campaigns'-worth of catalogs, credit card forms, order books, Product Reference guides, Outlet catalogs, What's New catalogs, Fast Start to Fast Cash literature, and a wealth of other brochures and literature on how to make a success of your Avon endeavor. Also, SAMPLES!
-You receive 40-50% off on your first four orders. After that Representative percentages are 20-40% off. Thereafter, the more you sell, the more you save (more $$ in your pocket).
-There's a free trial period on webstores for new E-Representatives.
-You don't have to sell face-to-face if you don't want to. I'm leaving brochures in grocery stores, restaurants, on top of newspaper boxes...and getting orders. If you'd like you recruit, there's an instant $20 signing bonus for Representatives, or you can work towards your President's Club goals of being a Unit Leader, and then a Senior Unit Leader.
-There are no meetings to attend, no manager looking over your shoulder. You commit as little or as much time to this as you want. The money you make reflects that. There are over two million people in the company who make $75k a year and above.

Contact me to join, or go to our website link above. We're committed to selling for this company. It has an incredibly comprehensive set of selling tools, a reliable reputation and a gorgeous line of products.
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Sam got to officially meet the new kitties today. He did pretty good, though I really didn't like the way he was looking at them. He doesn't get un-supervised kitty time until they are quite a bit bigger. But he did well enough to get a treat. On the upside, the kitties seem to have figured out the litter box for the most part.
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Last night, my kitty Scooter (aka Number One, P. Scootch McGootch, Flopper Kitty, Chirper) did something he's never done before, and that was lay on my belly and creep his way up until he was almost at my face. He lay there for almost an hour and we whispered to each other, and I rubbed him all over and smoothed his little clown face, and I told him about when he was a kitten and he almost died from a break-away collar that didn't break away when he was hanging from the Christmas tree, and how I was glad his tail was getting fluffy again after the stress of our latest move, and how proud I was that he's there to defend us by attacking the vicious armchair downstairs whenever he's let out of our bedroom, and how he's Number One because his brother is stupid and I never really wanted anyone but him, because of his little droopy eye.

When I got ready for bed tonight, he was laying on the sofa on the unfolded clothes pile, and I went to pet him and give him hell because he's a bum, and he was already stiff from being dead for a couple of hours. He looks like he went to sleep and didn't wake up. I don't know how he died, or why. He was only four. He helped me stay clean and sober. He fell down in front of me and rolled on his back when I walked by because he's a Flopper Kitty and wanted belly rubs. He gave me little Chirper meows with a question mark at the end when he wanted something, and would lead me to the food bowl when it was getting dangerously low. He'd panic whenever I sneezed and come running to find out what was wrong.

Max is looking for him now, and I can't stop crying. So I'm going to post two of my favorite pictures of him and try to go to sleep and then cry some more tomorrow because he was one of my kids.

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What have we done? The cuteness is unbearable.



Max: "Oh. You did not."

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